Rachel Scott

The Guttmacher Institute in New York, USA



I used data from the US National Survey of FamilyGrowth, a nationally representative probability survey, to examine aspects of under-reporting of abortions in social surveys. We wanted to find out more about who is most likely to not report an abortion in surveys, and whether methodological changes might help to improve reporting.

The visit was extremely beneficial for my research. My PhD is a comparison of young people’s sexual and reproductive health in Britain and France, and working on sexual and reproductive health in a US context highlighted many country level factors that I had not considered previously. I was able to present my PhD research to the Institute and received useful feedback. I made valuable connections and developed networks that would not have been possible without the visit. Finally, as the Guttmacher Institute is known for its dissemination of its research findings to a wide audience, I learned how to maximise the impact of my academic research.