One year MSc in Policy Analysis and Evaluation followed by a three year PhD.

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I am also a Research Associate at the Education Datalab.

My research
My research focuses how to better recruit, train and retain teachers. I use large government data sets and methods from applied microeconomics to evaluate government policy in this area. I have a particular interest in how teachers learn from each other.

My collaborations
I am working with Teach First to understand how social support within schools affects teachers decisions to leave the profession. I am also working with two schools to run a pilot evaluation of a Teacher Journal Club intervention in which groups of teachers read education research in order to develop more evidence-based practice.

The difference my research makes

Researchers have shown that moving a pupil from an average teacher to the most effective means they will learn in six months what would otherwise have taken a year. Training and retaining talented teachers is therefore of critical importance for improving education and life chances.


Dr John Jerrim: http://www.ioe.ac.uk/staff/45429.html
Prof Lorraine Dearden: http://www.ioe.ac.uk/staff/QSSE_9.html

External links

I write a blog about teachers, schools and education policy: https://samsims1.wordpress.com