1+3 studentship, commenced in 2013


My research

My research project investigates how psychological processes, specifically the way in which we represent our own body, interact with autonomic control. Existing data have revealed neural representations of the body itself and the space immediately around it which receives input from higher multisensory brain regions (e.g. Moseley et al, 2012). Further, in many diverse psychiatric and neurological conditions, autonomic control of homeostatic processes in the body itself appears to be disrupted (e.g., Chong & Castle, 2004). Little research, however, has investigated how multisensory representations of the body and peripersonal space interact with autonomic processing. This project aims to fill this gap in current knowledge.

The difference my research makes

This research has potentially important implications for understanding the relation between high-level cognitive processes in the central nervous system and more wide-spread homeostatic control in the periphery. Further, it may contribute to understanding of the linked disruptions of body representation and autonomic control in clinical disorders, including complex regional pain syndrome (Moseley et al, 2009), schizophrenia (Chong & Castle, 2004), and eating disorders (Pollatos et al., 2008).


Matthew R. Longo: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/psychology/our-staff/academic/matthew-longo

Martin Eimer: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/psychology/our-staff/academic/martin-eimer


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