1 + 3 funding

My research

My research looks at the relationship between gender and political support in the Palestinian territories. I am doing both quantitative and qualitative analysis, using both Palestinian polling data and interviews conducted throughout the West Bank (and hopefully also with residents of the Gaza Strip). I hope to discover the ways in which gender might impact political party preference, and whether nationalism and the context of the occupation influence this relationship.

My Collaborations

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah provided me the opportunity of interning with them, allowed me to use their polling data, and allowed me to experience the process of conducting a poll in the Palestinian territories first hand.

The difference my research makes

My research should shed light both on the ‘gender gap’ literature in the West by providing a detailed analysis of how gender impacts political support in a non-western context. It also will relate and contribute to analyses of gender and nationalism. Finally it could help those with an interest in the Israel-Palestine conflict gain a better understanding of the issues which matter most in determining political support in Palestine, but also the contexts which shape these views.


Dr Rosie Campbell and Dr Laleh Khalili