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About me

I am a first year PhD student working in the Department of Psychology and Human Development. My background is in Psychology (BSc: Bangor University) and Applied Paediatric Neuropsychology (MSc: UCL). I have also undertaken a number of voluntary positions working with the Red Cross Youth Bus, the ELCOS Kids Project and Chicks Summer Camp. In addition I worked during my Undergraduate as a research assistant with Food Dudes testing the effectiveness of the project in special schools in Wales.


My research

My research aims to develop the first complete motor profile for individuals with Williams Syndrome. I am also investigating the potential link between motor deficits and small and large scale spatial deficits in individuals with Williams Syndrome. I will develop later research questions based on my initial findings.


My Collaborations

Williams Syndrome Foundation


The difference my research makes

I am hoping to later use my research to design materials for individuals with Williams Syndrome and their families to help them to understand the difficulties they face in relation to their motor skills. I also hope that my initial findings and later research will help me to design intervention strategies to improve daily living for these individuals.



Prof. Emily Farran: https://www.ioe.ac.uk/study/PHDT_22.html Prof Andrew Tolmie:https://www.ioe.ac.uk/study/PHDT_80.html

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