1+3 funding, commenced in 2011 (Master’s of Research in Social and Educational Research + PhD in Education)

About meEmily Henderson

The ESRC studentship has provided me with so much more than the opportunity to gain a PhD: in the three years since being awarded 1+3 funding, I have developed strong beginnings for my academic trajectory, as a teacher, researcher and writer. I come from a literature background, via international professional experience and a Master’s in Education, Gender and International Development (IOE). My interdisciplinary and international trajectory have contributed to my perspective on research and teaching, resulting in a blend of contextually situated and theoretically oriented research.

My research

My PhD project focuses on the manifestations and interpretations of gender in international higher education. In line with current thinking around globalisation and mobility, I am developing a mode of research that seeks to capture, rather than hold down as fixed, the concept of gender as it is used in teaching and research, dissemination, institutional formations, and personal/professional identities. It has been integral to my research to experience first-hand different higher education environments internationally. The yearly research and training allowance and the overseas fieldwork funding have been invaluable for this travel; I have carried out research, attended and presented at conferences in the UK, the US and India.

My collaborations

With my supervisors, Elaine Unterhalter and Jenny Parkes, we took advantage of a one-off ESRC PhD partnering scheme to forge close collegial links in an exchange visit with the Centre for Research on Higher Education and Development at the University of the Free State in South Africa. I have also participated in the Overseas Institutional Visit scheme, which has permitted me to engage in a series of three short-term visits to Université Paris 8 to broaden my gender lens.

The difference my research makes

My research makes a contribution to several different areas of research into gender and the social sciences more broadly. I bring together theory and ideas from different disciplines, such as Gender Studies and Higher Education studies, to enhance interdisciplinary thinking. I also contribute to current developments in methodological thinking around globalisation and mobility. I have developed a publication record with a number of published journal articles and reviews, and, thanks to the full-time funding, I have been able to develop my Master’s of Research dissertation into a book with Palgrave Macmillan, Gender Pedagogy: Teaching, Learning and Tracing Gender in Higher Education (2015). These publications, in addition to my teaching experience and facilitation of workshops in different settings, work to transform thinking around the concept of gender. Finally, I have developed strong international research networks, which recently culminated in an international interdisciplinary symposium on queer theory and higher education, funded by the DTC.


Professor Elaine Unterhalter and Dr Jenny Parkes


Henderson, E.F. (2014). Gender Pedagogy: Teaching, Learning and Tracing Gender in Higher Education. London: Palgrave Pivot.

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Information about my book, Gender Pedagogy: Teaching, Learning and Tracing Gender in Higher Education (Palgrave Pivot, 2014)