1+3 studentship


About me

I graduated from the University of Warwick in 2009 (BSc Psychology – first class) before embarking on a career as a teacher in primary education for four years. During this time, I developed a particular interest in science education and how cognitive psychology and developmental science informs our understanding of this subject.

In 2014, I completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Science Research Methods at UCL Institute of Education. As part of this course, I worked closely with Emily Farran and Andy Tolmie, who would later become two of the supervisors of my PhD project. I began a +3 PhD at UCL IOE in October 2015.


My research

My research focuses on the relationship between visuo-spatial ability and science performance in primary school aged children. I am interested in the extent to which different aspects of science is predicted by a range of spatial abilites, and how we can use this knowledge to support children’s progress in science. I am also interested in cognitive training and in particularly investigating the impact of spatial skills training on science performance.


The difference my research makes

The primary goal of my research is to develop our understanding of the cognitive predictors of performance in primary science, with a particular emphasis on spatial ability. I hope that this knowledge will directly impact how science is taught in the primary school and how children are supported when learning science. This will be further achieveed through developing and testing interventions using this developed understanding.



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Professor Andy Tolmie, UCL IOE – https://www.ioe.ac.uk/study/PHDT_80.html  

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