Adiya Belgibayeva

+3 year ESRC studentship

My research

Within the field of economics Adiya has been specializing in macroeconomics with a particular focus on the mortgage market, household debt and their interaction with monetary policies. Her current research concerns constructing a model for demand for and supply of mortgages in the UK using disequilibrium econometric methodology on macro data with possibility to extend the research on household level data, estimating probabilities of credit rationing by banks in the mortgage market across business cycles with a focus on the recent financial crisis and the recession in early 90s.


Professor John Driffill: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/ems/faculty/driffill
Dr Yunus Aksoy: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/ems/faculty/aksoy


Working papers:

  • Belgibayeva, Adiya, and Alexander Plekhanov, 2015, “Does corruption matter for sources of foreign direct investment?”, EBRD Working Paper 176
  • Belgibayeva, Adiya and Michal Horvath, 2015. “Optimal Conventional Stabilization Policy in a Liquidity Trap When Wages and Prices are Sticky,” Discussion Papers 15/11, Department of Economics, University of York